Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I choose Rapid Electronic Solutions?

Rapid Electronics is a fast-growing, wholly Australian owned company with the enthusiasm and capability to turn your idea into a product that is shipping and making you money. We design AND manufacture our own products in the same location, which has clear advantages over the typical disconnected model of having one company design the product and another company manufacturing it overseas.


How does the product development process work with Rapid?

Each client and project is always a little different but typically the process is:

  1. Initial meeting for introductions and to discuss what it is that you need.
  2. Budgetary pricing to give you an idea of what level of investment (and remember that it is an investment, not a cost) you could expect.
  3. If the pricing roughly fits within your expectations and you want to go to the next step, then a detailed specification or scope of works document will be created for you, along with a more refined quotation.
  4. If the quotation is accepted, then work will generally commence with schematics, PCB layouts and prototype units.
  5. If firmware/software is needed then this usually starts when the prototypes are made. 
  6. There may be more iterations (or none) depending on the level of project complexity.
  7. The next stage, and one of the most important, is testing the product.  We generally do this in-house and may create custom fixtures and software to help.  Compliance testing may also be part of this stage.
  8. When the development process is nearing completion, the next phase is moving to production.  The planning aspect of this stage is very important and should be started long before the development phase is complete. The production hand over also usually requires extra test fixtures and sometimes software, which we can develop in-house. 


Should I get my product manufactured in China?

As a general rule, if your product is currently selling in volumes of greater than 10k per year, then yes it may make sense to manufacture in countries such as China, but if not then there may be a compelling business case to manufacture in Australia.  Some of the advantages of manufacturing with Rapid are:

  1. Lead time. Rapid Electronics manufactures prototypes in days (not weeks from China), and volume production in weeks, (not months from China).
  2. Less hassle associated with dealing with someone that you can talk to face to face.
  3. Control over where components are sourced from.
  4. A higher level of priority and service.  Even volumes of 10k per year is a small run for most Chinese manufacturers and you may not get the level of service that you need.

How does your manufacturing cost compete with Asian contract manufacturers?

Our piece price may be a little higher than what might be quoted from a foreign country, but the overall cost to you could be less than an imported product, when consideration is given to:

  1. Shipping costs
  2. Import duty
  3. Cost of travelling overseas to visit suppliers
  4. Exchange rate variations
  5. Costs relating to quality issues
  6. Lead times

What CAD package do you use for your designs?

We use the latest version of Altium Designer (previously known as Protel)


Do I get to keep my design files and source code?

Yes.  Unless an alternative agreement has been made, all design files and source code are supplied to the end client.


I'm a start-up with a tight budget and changing deadlines, what can you offer?

Rapid supports local industry and promotes Australian innovation.  We work with many start ups and understand that you may not always have unlimited funding or a perfect business plan and processes.  We can work and adapt with you along your journey and also connect you with the right people to help you along the way. 

If you are a start-up with a great idea but still working on funding or even need some free advice, then please give us a call and we will do our best to get you moving.


I'm located interstate, could that be a problem?

No.  More than half of Rapid's client are outside Melbourne and we find that makes very little difference.