Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs)


LPWAN is a broad term to describe networks of wireless devices that use little power and transmit small amounts of data; typically for Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) applications.  


Smart metering, asset tracking and sensor monitoring are all examples where LPWANs can be found due to their low power (battery) requirements and low data rate suitability.   Many technology forecasters predict that LPWAN technologies will soon spawn the creation of a new era of  ultraconnectivity between everyday devices, resulting in new markets and the sales of billions of low cost wireless devices. 


There are many LPWAN systems to choose from that are either currently available or soon-to-be available, such as SIGFOX, LoRa and NB-IOT.  Rapid Electronic Solutions can help guide you through the technology choices and develop your next big idea. 


Rapid Electronic Solutions is a development partner of Thinxtra, the Australian distributor of SIGFOX and can develop your SIGFOX low power wireless enabled device. 


SIGFOX is an exciting new LPWAN technology that enables you to monitor devices and sensors in an endless number of applications that can help your product or business.   Your SIGFOX enabled product, device, or asset can send data back from either indoor or outdoor locations at a fraction of the cost of cellular solution.


Once your data has been received by the SIGFOX network, it is immediately available to be analysed and utilised by your company using cloud based software platforms.





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