PCB Layout

Rapid Electronic Solutions are experts in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Layout and will create an effective design from your (or our) schematic that is manufacturable, EMC friendly, and cost optimised.


We believe that the PCB Layout is one of the most critical aspects of a development project to get right.  The hidden cost of having a product with a poor PCB layout can be felt throughout (and beyond) a development programme in terms of time to market, compliance failures, RF performance issues and manufacturing difficulties. 


Our PCB Layout experience includes complex areas such as: 

  • Impedance controlled transmission lines (USB, Ethernet, RF, DDR memory buses)
  • Mulit layer designs
  • High density, miniature packaging
  • Ultra high impedance (>100 Mega Ohm)
  • Flex and Rigid Flex designs

Whether we are creating a PCB Layout as part of a Rapid project or as a task that you would like to outsource to us, you can be assured that your circuit board will be laid out by a qualified engineer (not a CAD operator) who is experienced in EMC and manufacturing.